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Later, perhaps in 1916, there appear to have been both a ship's dog and a ship's cat (outer), who were evidently friendly enough to have their photo taken together.

Barham went on to see service in the Second World War but was sunk by a U-boat in 1941.

Many of these wartime tales are short and without photos, as they date from decades ago now; information is sparse and snippets have been gleaned from many sources.

A memorial to all the animals that have been caught up and have suffered in human wars has been erected in England, in London's Park Lane.

HMS Barham This battleship was launched in 1914 and commissioned the following year.

The image of the kitten (centre) seen apparently hanging onto the ship's bell for dear life is used by courtesy of the HMS Barham Association.

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Cats do not have a natural or important place in mankind's wars in the same way as dogs, horses and some other animals do, since (as cat owners will know!

A signal was sent to the Commander of the naval base to request her return to the UK if found — but she never was.

HMS Aurora Aurora carried among her armaments four of the 4-inch quickfire guns shown in the photo, which dates from 1914 while the ship was in dry dock at Devonport during her commissioning period.

The kitten, name unknown, is sitting on the gun's loading tray.

) it is very difficult to get a cat to do what you want.

There were stories that the Americans tried to use cats during the Vietnam war, but they were too easily distracted and either started playing or disappeared into the jungle! During the nineteenth century it is said that the Belgians tried using cats to deliver letters, but with a marked lack of success.

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