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The special WT codes are divided up as follows: WT0000s for whites, WT1000s for off whites, WT2000s for gray, WT3000s for brown and gold, WT4000s for red, WT5000s for orange, WT6000s for yellow, WT7000s for green, WT8000s for blue and the WT9000 for purple maroon and pink.

The metallic paints are in the 500 to 999 range in each set.

Before the 1960's and the use of WT codes, Ford used MX codes (originally called "126 Ford Fleet Colors") for special order paints which in many cases came from other automotive manufacturers.It is this short code that appears on the door data tag and can be used to order touch up paint if the code is combined with the year and model of the car.The other code is a manufacturing paint code which does not change over the years.Unlike Ford or GM, we have yet to find a standard production code for Chrysler paints other than the short code used on door data tags which are year and model specific.The "DT" codes are organized by color: white for DT1000s, yellow for DT2000s, red pink and purple for the DT3000s, black for the DT4000s, and oranges for DT5000s, tans and browns for the DT6000s, greens for the DT7000s, blue for the DT8000s, and special colors for the DT9000s. From the mid 1980s through the mid 1990's Chrysler paint codes included codes beginning with the letters "AC" and ending in a 5 digit number.

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