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Not only I can add value to my audience by recommending them the right products but I can make money in the process. We’ve all been hit with the retargeting adverts and unrelated promotions for things you have already bought or are no longer interested in. Do you want your blog or website to work with some of the biggest brands in New Zealand or the world? No more random Ad Sense adverts for pay day loans or dating sites (unless you want to run those of course! With affiliate marketing, you can promote relevant products that suit your audience and you don’t need to do it in a traditional banner advert or ad spot way.You can promote within articles, text links or any other way of driving traffic.You don’t need anyone else to start making money from affiliate marketing on your website, blog or social media channels.To make money from Ad Sense, you need approval from Google and they decide what adverts to show and how…When the Smart Passive Income website recommends something, the audience listen and then they may well give it a try…and that generates the commission from the affiliate network.This is far less intrusive for the reader and far more aesthetically pleasing on your website… You can increase your clicks (and in turn grow your commissions) by promoting the most relevant products to your blog audience. So even with a limited amount of traffic, you can drive more relevant adverts and greater affiliate sales by showing the right adverts or products in the right place at the right time.

You have two options: Actually, the dating site ads are a bad example because there is obviously something wrong with your content if completely irrelevant adsense like this is being displayed.

With affiliate marketing you can gain more loyalty before you direct the reader to the next site or page.

This is one of the reasons why I prefer affiliate marketing ahead of Ad Sense.

We all read how there are loads of different ways to make online… and do you know the number one source of income for this website? Around 80% of the revenue the site generates comes from affiliate marketing.

but when push comes to shove there are really only two major sources of revenue that the majority of bloggers use. The blog is able to generate significant money because readers trust the content from building trust over months and years.

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If you are just starting out, first off create good content and attract more traffic from Google. Start building an email list and introduce affiliate products to your audience in a newsletter.

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