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The chat room functioned as a place where students could “meet,” ask questions, talk about the course, and generally get to know their classmates.

Because of the chat group’s voluntary and informal nature, with no incentives for participation, usage numbers fluctuated throughout the 17-week semester.

Student #5 uses LOL (laughing out loud) in much the same way.

Neuage argued that chat rooms are reader/writer-driven interactive sites.

Message from Ero- First target on the list: Tommilluminati Now, Null please destroy this innocent user!

And how is he still alive when he's killed by his master? I had still done research trying to answer my questions.

We found this lent support to our research results, especially in chats near the end of the semester.

I was trying to make a 1000 ways to die in minecraft video, then I realized that you can play in different versions of minecraft, so I switched to 1.7.10.

I saw the death message was fell out of the world Ouch! It seems that someone blew it up with TNT, but who?

Then I clicked respawn, and ironically I spawned in this 3x2 tunnel made entirely of oak wood planks. I kept walking until a piston pushed me into a hole. A few days past when I found out that the gibberish was a encrypted message. I haven't checked the .minecraft file for awhile so I did on that day. I converted it to text and this is what it said: Ero used to work at Mojang, until one day he was corrupted by Null.

There was only one redstone torch, the rest of the long-narrow tunnel is completely dark. Inside of the file said: ku Al Amo UEDMDS 8xa6u Mzi QF5Zx QSz Mtb Qoy62z N9MI= This was more gibberish that I encountered. I opened it and this is what it said: 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 I found out that it was a message in hexidecimal, not encrypted. All innocents must not exist and we dominate the entire Minecraft game!

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