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These services can check government and private databases for records of stolen cars, money owing, accident history, odometer history, etc.

The cost of the report varies from service to service.

If there is money owing on it to a finance company, the CIN will display this statement - "There is a security interest registered over this motor vehicle".

If the vehicle is being sold privately, you can check the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) online to find out if a motor vehicle has any security interest associated with it - you'll need to provide the registration number and VIN (or chassis number), and the service costs by direct debit or credit card for each vehicle you check.

To find a service to help you, enter 'vehicle history' as a search term on our database.

A motor vehicle for sale by a motor vehicle dealer must display a Consumer Information Notice (CIN).

In the past we have seen some extraordinary listings hit the press pretty quickly, and when the law is involved we need to make sure we’re chinning the bar.

Some of the weird and (not so) wonderful things people have tried to sell, include an amputated leg that had been kept in the freezer, and on one occasion a kidney that was still inside someone’s body.

If the vehicle is owned by an organisation, anyone can access the owner’s name and address.

If the vehicle is owned by an individual, then you would have to apply to the NZTA to access it under the Official Information Act.

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