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Nearly half of those people who have negative experiences choose to ignore them but some people are more seriously affected.Over one third of people who have a negative experience stop using the dating site/app concerned and in a small minority of cases (6% in Australia and 3% in New Zealand) the incident is serious enough for people to report it to the police.When you post something online, it’s out there for everyone to see.While there are many genuinely nice men and women out there looking for a soul mate, there are some nefarious characters too. As with anything in life, your first line of defence is your instinct.15% of male online daters in Australia and 12% in New Zealand admit that they have used online dating sites to have an affair behind their partner’s back.Around one quarter of male online daters in both Australia and New Zealand say they have sent sexually explicit/nude images of themselves of stranger on online dating sites.

Dating does not include listings for all dating sites.The typical margin of statistical error is /- 4.4% in the sample of 494 daters.The survey aimed to understand online dating risks and experiences of Australians.In New Zealand, men were more likely to complain of meeting people who asked them for money (25%).This experience was less commonly reported by Australian men (16%) but was still encountered by a significant number.

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The survey* conducted among New Zealanders and Australians revealed the results of the positives and pitfalls of online dating. A little white lie never hurt anyone, but it did change the profiles of 43% of people who’ve tried online dating in New Zealand and 51% in Australia.

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