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However, there are still many clients, for example, from Belgium, Germany, France and other countries who do now speak English.The website offers translation services, which will help you to have no problems with phone calls, chats, and emails.Even if they don't enter the workplace and become stay-at-home mothers, they will still move hell and high water to be top dog. From personal experience, I know that millions of people on the planet simply do not have time for meeting at the age when everyone lives on the Web.As I walked into my office early one morning, the frosty atmosphere hit me as surely as if I'd opened a freezer door. 'I wish I could afford to buy clothes like that.' 'Lunching out again today, Katie? I believe this is an issue that sets the sexes apart: women couldn't care less about how well their male colleagues do. I swear even the wall clock stopped ticking and the printer ceased humming. I'd barely got one arm out of my jacket before the barbed comments began: 'That's a nice NEW suit Katie,' sniffed a secretary. Taylor Bradford was speaking as a hugely successful author, now in her 80th year, with a personal fortune of £200 million.

If I am beaten by another woman - or anyone - of course it will upset me, but my revenge is to work harder and longer till I overtake them and become Queen Bee again.

Maybe it was written into our DNA when the human species was evolving and women were left behind while the men went out hunter-gathering.

Women had a primeval need to stick together and follow strict codes of behaviour - those who struck out alone imperilled the group. We are brought up to crave attention and compete for it.

The same criticism to a woman inevitably elicits a different response.

Hours later an email will ping into my inbox containing a carefully crafted response to all my 'unfounded and unfair' criticisms, knocking them back one by one in icily polite, business-like terms.

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It is a convenient place where men and women have a perfect chance to meet online and create relationships.

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