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Other recommendations had to do with your technology infrastructure, like the ability to record calls, to log phone calls automatically, what's been done to address that?

Mullane: We already had a lot of that technology in place but not yet implemented when OIG came.

So, since their visit we are recording calls, and use them to clear people and in our quality management system, We have also upgraded our phone system, and we are still in the process of upgrading our customer relations management system, our database where we record every call.

That is a new system that is just about done but we have to get all the staff trained on it now.

Strickland: One is training, and we just went over the training curriculum, written a training curriculum, and implemented and have been using it since last September.

So all of our legacy employees and older employees are now being put through that training.

A Government Accountability Office report in June said nearly one in four text messages to the center were met with no response, and an Inspector General report in March said not only had recommendations made in the wake of its previous report not yet been implemented, but that there were a host of continuing deficiencies in the way the VCL handled incoming phone calls as well as with staff training records and other oversight.

Of those 16, we have recommended two closed already and requested two more to be closed.

So that's a total of four and we have a timeline and frame to get them all closed by Dec. We are actively engaged in meeting those requirements every day.

Strickland: The other big piece of the OIG recommendations had to do with quality metrics and quality assurance, so we now have a very robust and strong quality management program.

We have 26 silent monitors all hired now and trained, and they listen to calls 24/7 and the staff does not know they’re going to be listened to.

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